It originated in 1995 and since 2009 the event has been managed by the “Lo Spaventapasseri” cultural association.

For more than 20 years, during the month of May, the small village of Castellar has been animated by amusing and quirky characters…there’s no house,vineyard,garden,lawn or courtyard that doesn’t welcome a scarecrow, a “ciciu” made of different kind of materials.

An open-air museum that welcomes hundreds of visitors:school groups,families, groups of elderly people,guests from daycare centers “invade” the streets of the village,where the vehicles leave room for people. In order to make the event more engaging, the cultural Association proposes entertainment spectacles(buskers,singers…), manual workshops dedicated to the youngest, as well as exhibitions… The “Lo Spaventapasseri”Association, from the very beginning,has decided to make this event free of charge ;giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy this unique event.This event was first conceived following a trip in the early nineties to in Trentino Alto Adige of the family of Silvano Borreta. In a village featuring different ancient crafts and among these were also the scarecrows.On their return home they decided to organize an event dedicated to the scarecrow,which are still present in the small village.

As often happens the best events are originated from the simplest and most mundane things and the “Festa degli Spaventapasseri” of Castellar. Through the years this event has become an important appointment not only for Saluzzo and its environs,with the slogan:

“The scarecrow that watches over the wheat field is a truly valuable resource that protects the new life.”

Over the years, the town has become more involved in welcoming thousands of visitors, kindergartens and primary schools of the surrounding area, daycare centers and elderly to the creation of “ciciu” has gained an unexpected success. It’s the collective spirit , the desire to contribute individually to the “Festa”,that seems to be the simplest ingredient making this cocktail more successful which this village has been hosting from the first to the second Sunday of May.The path along the streets of the village to admire almost 200 “Sentinelle dei campi” has become an experience that can convey unique emotions.

Download the form to make a scarecrow.

What does the event offer?

- The availability of volunteers to accompany groups and schools during the two weeks of the event.

- Entertainment: the clown of scarecrows,jugglers and street performers (under the artistic direction of Corrado Gallo also known as the clown “Bibino”,singers etc.

-Manual workshops dedicated to children.

-Themed exhibitions.

-Collaboration with other non profit Associations.

-Literary competitions on the theme of the scarecrow.

-The Mural paintings through the streets of the village.

-Tours of the church of Saint Ponzo and the ancient abbey of Saint Peter and Colombano of Pagno.

-Tasting of local wine products at the “Cantina da Pelaverga”
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“The scarecrow is man’s companion throughout the seasons of nature.It represents us in the fields as a mask,it wears our clothes, and it travels with us through time."