Since 2009 the festival has been managed by the non-profit cultural association “Lo spaventapasseri


Since 2009 the festival has been managed by the non-profit cultural association “Lo spaventapasseri”.That aims :

to bring together those who have an interest in the development and protection of the socio-cultural resources of the village of Castellar and the surrounding areas;

to spread d the knowledge of culture, art and of local traditions, with particular regard to those of the agricultural community, raise awareness in the local community of the need to protect and conserve the natural resources of the local area.

to organize either independently,or in collaboration, with other organizations, the traditional festival dedicated to the scarecrow - which takes place every year in Castellar in May - aimed at raising awareness of the culture and traditions that form the basis of this particular initiative:

Constitutive Act of the Scarecrow Association
Statute of the Scarecrow Association


In the heart of the Bronda valley, five kilometers from Saluzzo in the province of Cuneo, is Castellar, a small village immersed in the quiet greenery of orchards and vineyards, at the foot of a rocky spur dominated by a castle. THE CASTLE OF CASTELLAR has dominated the village from the hill from 1270, when it was built by the Marquis Tommaso I of Saluzzo as a stronghold.

In 1492, following major redevelopment work, it was transformed into the home of the Saluzzo family di Castellar. Today it is privately owned, it is a solid construction dominated by a tower and crowned by a Ghibelline battlements, mulled battlements and a drawbridge.

Worthy of note is certainly the CHAPEL OF SAN PONZIO, whose oldest part, the apse, dates back to the thirteenth century. Restored in 1968, it has maintained a sober, almost rustic appearance; it has an interesting series of frescoes dated 1450 and attributed to Pietro da Saluzzo.

Other interesting landmarks are THE PARISH, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, dating back to 1725 and has a harmonious baroque structure. The CASTLE OF THE MORRA was instead built in the twelfth century by the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Staffarda. Later it was used by the Morra family to be subsequently ceded to the Marquis of Saluzzo and rebuilt by Ludovico Il in 1492 on the occasion of his marriage to Margherita di Foix.

The inhabitants of Castellar are predominantly involved in agriculture, in particular specialized fruit growing, such as the characteristic "ramassin" (plums). The Slow Food Presidium, The Clean Apple Consortium, as well as numerous Pelaverga grape vineyards.

Our beautiful village

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A village means not being alone,knowing that in the people,in the plants,in the earth,there’s something of yours,that even in your absence is waiting for you
Cesare Pavese